Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sun West School Division has strongly recommended that all staff work from home.  As a result, the easiest way to contact any of our staff members will be through email. Below is a listing of all staff emails so that you may access those you need to communicate with.  Staff will be available during regular school hours (9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday) and will respond to you during that time frame.  

Walter Wood - walter.wood@sunwestsd.ca
Kim Sobkowicz - kim.sobkowicz@sunwestsd.ca

Administrative Secretaries
Sheila Halseth - sheila.halseth@sunwestsd.ca
Ashley McLachlan - ashley.mclachlan@sunwestsd.ca

Teaching Staff
Joel Buxton - joel.buxton@sunwestsd.ca
Eli Dingle - eli.dingle@sunwestsd.ca
Morgan Dingle - morgan.dingle@sunwestsd.ca
Trevor Drury - trevor.drury@sunwestsd.ca
Karla Duchesne - karla.duchesne@sunwestsd.ca
Trevor Edgar - trevor.edgar@sunwestsd.ca
Jessica Ganzert - jessica.ganzert@sunwestsd.ca
Brent Larwood - brent.larwood@sunwestsd.ca
Robert LeBlanc - robert.leblanc@sunwestsd.ca
Leanne Lyons - leanne.lyons@sunwestsd.ca
Melanie Nattrass - melanie.nattrass@sunwestsd.ca
Shannon Stephenson - shannon.stephenson@sunwestsd.ca
Ellyse Theede - ellyse.theede@sunwestsd.ca
Keith Theoret - keith.theoret@sunwestsd.ca
Cindy Tulp - cindy.tulp@sunwestsd.ca
Lloyd Tulp - lloyd.tulp@sunwestsd.ca
Kolin Walters - kolin.walters@sunwestsd.ca
Janet Warren - janet.warren@sunwestsd.ca

Educational Assistants
Rochelle Akre - rochelle.akre@sunwestsd.ca
Kathy Kendrick - kathy.kendrick@sunwestsd.ca
Caroline Lawless - caroline.lawless@sunwestsd.ca
Louise Loewen - louise.loewen@sunwestsd.ca
Carol McCutcheon - carol.mccutcheon@sunwestsd.ca
Anh Nguyen - anh.nguyen@sunwestsd.ca
Judy Wright - judy.wright@sunwestsd.ca

Youth Counselor
Shannon Peardon - shannon.peardon@sunwestsd.ca

If you wish to register your child in Outlook High School, in Outlook, SK,  please complete the online form from  by clicking the Register button. This registration form is for Kindergarten students and students new to Sun West School Division. 

Proof of student’s legal name and date of birth will be required for registration.  The original birth certificate, passport and/or landed immigrant documents will need to be provided at the school prior to student attendance.   

Current Sun West School Division students may not need to complete the full registration and may be able to register directly at the school. If you are new to Canada, there will be additional documents required at the school for the registration of a student.  Originals of documents required include: work permit(s), study permit(s), permanent residency documentation from IRCC, or refugee claimant status documentation from IRCC.

If you have question regarding documentation required, please contact the school based-administrator.  During the summer months, you may contact the Sun West School Division Office at 306-882-2677.